‎Sri Jayavilas‬ Eicher

Operator : ‎Sri Jayavilas
Type : Mofussil Stage Carrier 3*2 Seat Layout
Route : ‪‎Madurai‬ – ‎Sattur‬
Via : ‎Kariyapatti,‬ ‎Aruppukottai‬, ‪‎Irukankudi‬
Body : PeeTee Coach

Eicher Bus was first deployed by Krishnaveni in 2009 on Madurai – Kamudhi route., But the successfull operator with Eicher is Sri Jayavilas., after this first bus in Aug 2013., Jayavilas have deployed two more eicher buses one on Aruppukottai – Kovilpatti and other on Madurai – Thondi route.

Sri Jayavilas Eicher


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