The Fantastic 4 of R.No 34 Pollachi-Sethumadai route

Sethumadai is a place located in the foothills of Topslip/Parambikulam. It has very good connectivity from Pollachi in terms of city buses. The buses in this route runs via Ambarampalayam, Anaimalai, Maasani Amman temple, Vettaikaranpudhur, Devipattinam. All these places are famous among the Tamil Film industry(Kollywood) and other south indian film industries for film shootings.

Private buses running in this route are SRT(Ex.Sri Balaji), SBT(Senthil Andavar), Thangaraja and KMT(Kantha Manohar). TamilNadu private buses blog brings you all these four buses running in this route as Fantastic “4”…

TN41 M 5667 of Thangaraja.

TN41 M 5667 of Thangaraja

SBT aka Senthil Andavar.. One of the oldest operator in this route.

Senthil Andavar

TN41 AE 1393 of KMT(Kantha Manohar).
TN41 AE 1393

TN49 AJ 4048 of SRT. This is Ex.Sri Balaji.



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