Nostalgic Super Seven of Vee Vee

Achtung Baby Super Seven of Vee Vee

Vee Vee one of the major operator in Coimbatore city, one of the first route of Vee Vee, favourite townie in famous route S7 Kovaidpudhur – Ondipudur of Coimbatore. Super seven is the name mentioned by the operator. The Super route touches most of the colleges in Coimbatore. Nostalgic pic of the super seven from 2003, TVR built beauty of S7. All the time they use Gandhipuram as destination boards to avoid confussion with direct pax to Town Hall. This Super Seven was the favourite route for Vee Vee, Most probably first townie, intially had two buses one is S7 and other is Pollachi via Negamam.

Operator : Vee Vee
Reg No : Bbrand New
Make : Ashok Leyland
Model : Viking 222″
Coach Builder : TVR Coach
Type : Private City Bus
Seat : 2×2 City
Route : Kovaipudhur – Ondipudhur
Via : Ukkadam, Town Hall, Gandhipuram, Hopes College, ESI, Singanallur.

Nostalgic Super Seven of Vee Vee


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